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The All New MLM2 Pro. Own The Course.

The ultimate edge in precision golf technology has arrived. MLM2 Pro is better than the next best thing for your game. It’s the future of your game. Whether you’re practicing or playing, level up with the Rapsodo MLM2 Pro.

Game Changer

The MLM2 Pro is the Official launch monitor of the 2023 Australian Golf Digest Hot List and you will soon see why!

Impact Vision

An integrated high-speed camera captures 240 frames per second for a slow-motion view of your club path and contact point.

Swing Vision

Dual Swing Replay: Down the line plus face on swing replay when paired with your device.


Membership and greens fees included: Play 30K+ Rapsodo Courses or hit the Rapsodo Range.

Spin For The Win.

Accurately measure your spin with Rapsodo Precision Technology (RPT). The custom designed Callaway® RPT™ Chrome Soft X® Golf Balls deliver the ultimate indoor golf experience by providing spin measurements within 1% of the accuracy of high-priced launch monitors.

In The Box

Rapsodo MLM2 Pro, Carrying Case, Tripod, Charging Cable, Callaway RPT Balls. Works with both iOS (Apple) and Google Android Devices.

The MLM 2 PRO first year of Premium Membership ($199 USD Value) is included with your purchase. A Premium Membership is not required, however, the MLM 2 PRO Premium Membership significantly enhances the user experience with access to thousands of simulated golf courses, training platforms and more.

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Best Budget Launch Monitor

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